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Sonic soot blowers for SCRs

SCRs - Why Sonic Soot Blowers Are The Best Cleaning Option

In power generation plants one increasingly popular method for the removal of NOx from the flue gas is by the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) method . The SCR unit is usually located between the economizer and air heater sections of the plant and is generally a honeycomb structure. Here ammonia is injected into the catalyst chamber via an ammonia injection grid, thus converting the NOx gases into nitrogen and water.

However the effectiveness of the SCR can be significantly affected due to the build up of a number of types of particulate, ranging from fine fly ash to ammonium sulphate and ammonium bisulphate.

The installation of Quattrosonics sonic soot blowers (also known as acoustic cleaners or sonic horns) either initially through OEMs or as a retrofit by the end user, have been proven to:-

  • Prevent these particulates from building up within the honeycomb structure
  • Ensure that the SCR unit performs at maximum efficiency without loss of performance

The Quattro range of sonic soot blowers is easy to install, only requires normal plant compressed air and is virtually maintenance free.

Take time to read our SCR cleaning case study where 24 units of Quattro model Q3 sonic soot blower were installed at a the Youngheung Power Plant in South Korea.

Read more about the advantages of sonic soot blowers

If you would like us to quote for a solution for your SCR cleaning requirements please complete and submit our SCR Cleaning Questionnaire, available as: Online SCR Cleaning Enquiry Form or SCR Cleaning Enquiry PDF Download


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